Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey kids!

New article written, if I get the most hits on the site I win $200, so pass it along to your friends if you can ^_^ THANKS!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Stuffs

I made this mask a long time ago, but I never got a picture of it on the guy. He just recently made it his Facebook pic, so not I have one. It's a knitted version of a Mexican wrestler's mask- I know, ridiculous, but whatever, he loved it ^_^.

And now I'm going to begin working on a bike messenger bag made entirely of recycled plastic bags. I knit up a little swtach, shown here: (this is the before picture)

The after picture, below, if after I ironed the plastic making it ultra-durable and super sturdy. :}

And now I've started casting on to make the actual bag. I think I'm going to use the swatch as a pocket or something so it doesn't go to waste. It's knitting up fairly quickly, I'll keep posting pictures of it updated, because this is a big project it may take a while to finish and after it's all done I might paint or spraypaint it- not sure yet, and I also have another project that I need to start soon that I'm bartering for tattoo art (I know, how hardcore am I??? :D)