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Sad Shrug :,{

I made this shrug with the best intentions, great yarn, and damnnit, not the right gauge. >.< It's frustrating to make something so nice only for it to turn out 2 sizes (at least) too small. It's even tight on my roommie Rachel, and she's a lot smaller than I am.


But anyway, I guess I'll just sell it then make another later. Now that I know, I won't be a 'tard about it the next go-about.

"Noro" Scarf-- but really my Poem Scarf

I've been in love with Brooklyn Tweed's Noro Scarf forever CHECKITOUTHERE.

I can't afford Noro yarn, nor do I even like (too scratchy) but I absolutely love the colors. This yarn was the next best thing. It's called Poems Yarn and it's softer, just as purdy, and self-striping. WOOT.

I used 2 skeins of different- but close looking- colorways and striped them every 2 rows with a 1x1 rib.

At one point both yarns kind of became the same shade of pink and blue, so it looks like it stops striping and becomes solid chunks. I really wish that hadn't happened, but if you look closely you can tell what's going on.


Trying my hand at sewing

The Under-Bust Corset:

Found this corset pattern on, and I had tried to make one before but used very wrong fabric for it, then tried once again. I'll get some action shots of me in it soon, but I'm so very white right now... well take it from me, you don't want to see that.

It is technically reversible, but the red side doesn't look as good. I may model both sides, just to see, but it's made for the black to be on the outside.

This is my experiment with the sewing machine. I think it's a success, but I definitely have to tweak my process. Maybe I'll make a couple more of these. ^_^