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Star Socks

I can't believe I never posted this, but a LONG while back I got a sock blank from KnitPicks and dyed it all pretty with a bunch of Jacquard dyes and Kool-Aid. These were my results:

 I wanted to paint a design, but at the same time keep it simple. Stars worked well.

 The lightest blue was Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid.

 Then I used Jacquard Dye color Peacock.

 And then ended it with Jacquard Dye color black.

 These are the finished socks after knitting them up with the pattern Anastasia Socks. The color faded slightly in the steaming of the blank process, and the red and purple stars just came up as random stripes, but their pretty awesome socks in person.

I want to do it again!

Ooooodles of new projects!

I've made so many new things that I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking :}

I. Am. A. Geek.