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What's New and Happening.

I start school in about 30 hours, so I've been a tad bit on the distracted side when it comes to knitting and posting. I have been up to things though. PLUS, I just bought a new camera, so I don't have to wait to use one of my roommate's cameras to post!

The progress of the Garden Gate socks are slow and tedious. I find myself carting it around and doing a row or two at a time, then forgetting about it and starting something new, then coming back to it for another row or two. It's currently my default project if I get bored with another project. At this rate I should be done... maybe Christmas of 2010? Maybe. Here's how "far" I've gotten:

At least there's a heel now, right? (which, I might add, I did wrong because the pattern directions were worded very weird and I had to guess at what she was trying to say. Hence the little holes up the side of the heel. *shrug*)

They are looking rather cute though. I just know, even if I do finish this one... who&#…

A long work in progress...

I got the yarn in for the Garden Gate socks from, which I've previously raved about. Drool over them here.

I started, then of course got distracted by not one, but 3 new projects :P. So I'm back on them now. These pictures are from a while ago, I've gotten a little farther, but still, it's taking QUITE a while.

This is the first toe-up sock I've ever knit. I think it's really awesome, and you get to see the way they look as you go. The cast on wasn't nearly as hard as I've heard it can be, which rocked.

And here's a little actions shot with my little piggies.

I'll be posting on this project, I'm sure, for the next couple posts to keep you guys updated :}.

The Whole Little Sea Family

Finished up on all the presents. They turned out well, so I decided they all needed to take some family portraits before they were sent off.

Mr. Squid and Mr. Jelly were pretty sad to part with their newly made brothers and sisters, well except for Mr. Ugly Fish. They didn't really care too much about him leaving. They're going to have to find another means of night lighting, but they aren't that broken up about it.

They'll really miss Miss Octopus and Miss Stary Fish. They were cuties. And the only ladies in the house.I'm going to have to make some more female toys to balance out the current sausage fest of toys.

Packed up and away they went.

BYE! Hope your new home finds you well, no doggies get ahold of your precious limbs, and that you make three little kids very happy. ^__^


This post has to be rather fast because it's very late, my eyes are burning from so many tiny stitches and I need sleep.

Anyway, these are the creations I finished today. The Sea Star and the Ugly Fish, as I call him, also known as the Anglerfish.

Here's Mr. Starfish, ain't he cute? I made him for my newborn niece. My sister has 3 kids and they're all getting a sea creature.

And here's Mr. Ugly. He's going to my nephew.

After finishing the body I did the lure with a little something special...

An actual little light so that when you press it, it lights up!!! I know. I rock.

I'm just starting on a girly octopus for her other daughter Raven. It will be beautiful.