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Another pair :} and THANKSGIVING

I made fingerless gloves, and I lovies them. ^_^ They're the "Hooray for me gloves" pattern, but I kind of screwed up on the thumb and only figured it out when I was making the 2nd glove... and by then it was too late and I had to make the 2nd one screwed up too so they would match :P.

See how pretty? :} And below is my layered jello! I made it with tones of red this time, black cherry, cherry, raspberry and peach! It was delicious!

This is our family Thanksgiving (not blood-family, just boyfriends and friends kind of thing).

CHEESE, thanks to Rob and Rachel.

And here's Rachel's (N- not roommate Rachel) cheesecake which astounded us all. She's an amazing cake decorator. And it was yumtastic to boot!

20,500 Stitches

Here's my latest edition, the matching hat. I thought it was going to be huge, so I did a really quick decreasing method on the top and it made it a little bit small :P. Way to go paranoia. So instead of a big slouchy hat, I have a beanie. Oh wells, still cute.

I still have a bunch of that yarn left, so I think next up I'll make some really pretty toys with it for the kiddies I know. I'm thinking a hermit crab and a spider... but I'm not sure yet. I will start them today, so pictures are soon to come. ^_^

Knitting Olympics

This is a status update, which I plan to do regularly (with or without pix) of my NaNoKnitMo, or more correctly, Knitting Olympics projects. According to the official (though really non-official :P) Knitting Olympics rules, I have to knit 60,000 stitches in one month. That's insano pants, you're probably saying. Well, yes, but doable.

I calculated my total so far and it's approximately 10,000 stitches, and I'm only on day 9, so I think I'm doing pretty well. The mittens were about 4,900 stitches each, give or take some rounding down, and now I'm starting to knit a matching hat because I have a lot of yarn left over from the mitts. I'm only on the headband part now, but it's 162 stitches around (because my needles are so ungodly small [size 2, and dear lord why did I do that to myself?]) I'm about 4 rows up so that's about 640 stitches.

So ...current status, let's say: 10,650 stitches!

(hehe, math is fun ^_^)


My boyfriend is doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in which he plans to write one novel (approximately 50,000 words) in one month. As a writer, I should be doing this myself, but, alas *sigh*, school is too much of a hassle and I just can't see myself managing it. Maybe next year... Anyway, what I want to do instead is finish as many projects in the month of November as I can (knit-wise)! I'm calling is NaNoKnitMo, but it doesn't actually make sense, since that would be national novel knitting month... but Rachel's doing NaNoPaintMo and that doesn't make much sense either, so just go with it. Here's project numero uno.

MITTENS! I am done, and they knit up super fast. These pictures are taken with Boone's iPhone, so they're pretty craptastic, but I'm sure I'll get better ones up here eventually. The ones below have more light, so they're nicer.

This is what the "after-thought thumb" looked like. I essentially knit normally…

My Halloweens

This weekend was the one holiday I actually give a damn about: Halloween. It truly is a crafter's most important day of the year.

I went to my own party as the Queen of Hearts, complete with coffee-filter cuffs and collar, card belt, felt rose in hair, and heart lips, and out to work and a bar on Halloween night as Wednesday Addams and her unborn spawn.

The Hookers of Halloween were out en mass. This was a hooker dressed up as a racecar driver.

This was a hooker dressed as a naughty housewife and another hooker dressed up like a pirate. Can you find Waldo?
There he is again!

Boone went as a SIM character. This is him being a happy SIM.

Talking about his favorite sport.

Jack and Sally Skelinton (aka. Jessica Phelan and Randy Frye)

John's friend AJ as a killer furry and John as... a thug?

I have tons more pictures, I think I'll put them on Facebook. ^_^ We had a good time.