Friday, June 18, 2010

Cool Way To Dye

I got it in my head that I needed to dye my own sock yarn. I have some yarn dye from that my friend gave me for Christmas. Instead of buying a sock blank like a chump, I decided to knit my own. I got 2 balls of white wool and knit away. A sock blank is essentially a white scarf, knit up until you're out of yarn, with 2 strands at a time.

My roommate stole some handy dandy plastic gloves from Subway, i had a few mini shampoo bottles, and a big plastic bag to table protection.

First I started with some green stripes in Emerald dye. But that wasn't enough.

Next came diamonds in sapphire blue and one random line down the middle. Then some Chestnut brown in all the spots that I hadn't dyed yet. This is how it turned out:

I'm actually more finished than this, but I'm lazy and don't want to take more pictures until they're done (which is momentarily). Because of the colors and the mixture of brown I'm calling them my Honey Lagoon Socks. The pattern is called Leyburn Socks, and is a simple lattice stitch pattern that doesn't distract too much from the pretty color changes.

The bottoms are patternless so you can see the color changes.

Finished actions shots to come!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Acts of Knitness

So, I was recently introduced to, which is site where users can answer questions of whoever stumbles upon their page. The account user can decide to answer or not, I suppose, but it's a fun and quirky site with a lot of fun Q&As. ANYWAY, I stumbled across a page via a blog I really enjoy following and asked her if she wanted me to knit her anything. Mostly because I just wanted something new to do because I am sick to death of my current doomed project, and secondly because I didn't think she'd actually answer me.

She did with: Knit me one of those INSANE scarves that wrap around you neck three times and still almost trail on the floor. Happy, happy bunny :)

Then I asked what color(s) and she said: White/Cream:):) I really hope I'm not being duped here, I want a scarf made with love in every stitch:) Well, hate could be in every stitch, I don't care, I like freebies :):)

So that sealed the deal. I had recently acquired a bunch of soft whiteish cream yarn from a friend that was moving, so I had everything I needed. I knit it length-wise: 300 STITCHES, and about 15 rows up. It was super scrunched on the needles, but it only took 3 days to knit up. This was the result all rolled up:

And this is it in all it's epic, glorious length. ^_^