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Tarquin for Trixie

So here's Tarquin's story.
Tarquin was created for my friend Trixie. Shortly after being born off the needles he had to explore. Little baby Tarquin is a very curious little octopus.
The first thing he had to do was meet Mr. Squid. I thought Mr. Squid took a liking to Tarquin right off the bat, but it turned out that his "sweet and innocent hug" was really a ploy to eat poor lil' Tarkie. So I quickly rescued him.
Mr. Squid has yet to comment about his actions, but I can only assumed he's ashamed of himself.
Tarquin, getting a taste for danger, decided to take a walk on the wild side. Here's a picture I snapped of him just as he was stealing my monies.
He then ventured into my roommate's art project and decided to recite some Shakespeare.
He quickly realized that he was in fact an octopus and having just been born had not yet learned Shakespeare. This saddened him.
"Wherefore art... where the hell am I? Is this stage made of styrofoam?!"
Resigned …

Random Awesome

I've been busy of late, which often prevents me from posting on here, but usually doesn't prevent me from knitting. Because if knitting is good for anything, it's to procrastinate another project or responsibility. I'm even doing it right now!
The story behind this dog sweater is that his owners, my former professors, and their son named him Jean-Luc Piccard Colbert (lol, I can't make this up). So... I could not resist.

Jean-Luc and his owners were very pleased with the results :D.
This morning my friend and I had a "dying party" in which we dyed a bunch of yarn. I had made a yarn order that I had planned to use today, but it hasn't come in yet. Next post though (!) I will be dying. :}
This was a little mini skien to practice on. We wanted to see the effects of kool-aid and some of the dye that she had. I used Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid, Peacock dye, and Jade Green dye. The Kool-Aid ended up really light blue, but I liked that variation. I thought …

Birthday Socks!

I had a really fun birthday this week. Got my hair did, had some margaritas, got some fun gifts, and hung out with some wonderful people. It was a great time all around.
I bought this yarn as a early birthday present for myself and was able to finish these socks in a little over a week, just in time for my big day. They're "Express Lane" on Ravelry and super easy. I memorized the pattern after one repeat.

*Damn it's hard to take a picture of your socks by yourself :P