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The epic shawl that shall not be named is FINISHED!
Once I got to the last few stitches I almost couldn't contain myself. I had chores to do today and all I could think was, "I'M SO CLOSE, JUST NEED TO GET THIS DONE!"

I finally graphed the first row of the edging with the final row and I was almost done. Due to the manner in which I had initially dyed the yarn, there were a few light areas that I wasn't fond of so I redyed the entire shawl when I was done knitting. I dipped it into a pot of darker blue and a little violet and dash of black. It deepened the blue and got rid of the lighter areas, and I really like the new shade of sapphire!

This is how much yarn I had left of my 2 skeins after binding off. I was super lucky! I worried about the remaining yarn before I even started the edging, and had I done even 1 more row while knitting the 576 stitches in the round, I bet I would have run out. PHEW!

I'll be sure to take and post more pictures as it dries, an…