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Working Hard *AND* Hardly Working

I got a new job in February and I can knit at it. If you're a knitter, you understand that this is pretty epic. Anyway, as such, I have been a knitting fiend lately.
My sister, a biology major, wanted a DNA sweater vest for her birthday. That was Valentines Day :P. I started on this last week. But better late than never. Needless to say, she liked it.
Yep, that's a robot behind her. Because, you know... SCIENCE. We were actually out front of my favorite Milwaukee business The Tool Shed. They host a monthly knitting group called Femiknits that I never miss.
Close up of the DNA cable and the lace back. I'm not usually one for lace, but it knits up super fast with all those holes. I was surprised how quickly I got this out.
Also, I bought THESE at the Tool Shed. Knitty/Crafty socks! When I saw them I was all "Ohmanohmanohman!" And then I bought them. ^__^
My next project is a baby mobile for my friend Heather that's due in October. I've got plenty of time, but I&…

A little ink :}

Just thought I'd share the tattoo I just got :D It's the symbol for infinite love. I wanted it to look like a continuous rope, but just for the sake of this blog, let's say it's a piece of yarn ^__^. My infinite love of yarn.

Anti-Hipster Scarf - FREE PATTERN

Hooray, my first pattern. I thought because this was my first one, I'd give it to all y'all for free. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Plus... I've never bought a knitting pattern before, so why should I expect anyone else to? Soooo, here it be!
Anti-Hipster Scarf

Gauge: 6 sts = 1", 6 Rows= 1"
Needle Size: 5 Yarn: Main Color (MC)- Poems 100% Wool Yarn in Pink/Purple/Gray/Gold (Poems has a great selection of self striping yarn, so really any of the color-ways would look nice in this pattern) Contrasting Color (CC)- Cascade 100% Wool in Black

-- Cast on 30 sts. Row 1, 3, & 5: (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, K6 in CC, (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, K6 in CC, then (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times.
Row 2, 4, & 6: (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, P6 in CC, (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, P6 in CC, then (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times.
Row 7, 9, & 11: K6 in MC, (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, K6 in MC, (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, then K6 in MC.
Row 8, 10, & 12: P6 in MC, (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, P6 in MC, (P1 MC, P1 C…

How to waste $28 worth of yarn.

1. Don't gauge a damn thing.
2. Just wing the entire pattern like an idiot.
3. Throw it in the washer to give it a "light felt" for 5-10 minutes, but then proceed to forget about it for an hour.
4. Shrink it so it's so small nothing fits in it... >.<
I got my first non-mom haircut ever, and my first one in 12 years!