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So I'm trying to get this business up and running, but of course there are plenty of things to distract me. LIKE GORGEOUS YARN and a sock book willed with delicious patterns. Also, making a plaster cast of my foot so I can model my socks without trying/failing to take pictures of my own feet (it's harder than it sounds!). Here's one of them and a few new skeins I've made and put up on my Etsy.

 "Luv2Knit" by Alice Yu, published in "Soctopus." Yarn: Jitterbug.

"Sunnydale Pride"
"Crest of the Pendragon"
"221B Baker St."
"Emerald City"
"The Man They Called Jayne"
"The Revenge Society"


Happy New Year!

I'm celebrating the new year by getting my yarn making business up and running. That's right, Lady Purl is soon to be a business of it's own. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I got my very first Etsy sale yesterday and I almost peed my pants! My little Firefly skein is going to a good home!

I made these 2 this week to satisfy my geek fetish. My "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space" and "Sherlock." I hope they find good homes soon too :}Every time I make a new skein I immediately want to start knitting with it, hehe, it takes all my will power to just put it away. They look so amazing in person. I need to find some better ways to take better pictures of them.