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Shannon's Peacock Gloves

This is all I have for you at the moment. I've been knitting a lot, because I found a job that I can knit at (!) (still reeling over that discovery, btw). The pattern I'm doing now, a sweater vest for my boyfriend, is an amazing pattern I designed myself, so I'm going to try to possibly send it out to places when I'm done. Not totally sure if that means I'm aloud to publish pictures and whatnot beforehand. I'll look into it. Needless to say, it rocks.
Going to start a late birthday present for my scientist little sister, a DNA cable sweater vest. She already bought me the yarn for it (for cause I am broke) and I'll be starting that soon while simultaneously knitting Boone's. I'm hardcore like that.

"Felt-Up" Corset

I'm taking part in knitting up some clothing and accessories for a knitted photoshoot. This first project is a corset, knit sideways, then felted. I knit it with all white wool, three strands at once to get the gauge right.
It started off in all these pieces like this picture, then I seamed them all together.
Next came the dyeing process, which was fun but kind of smelly. Like making easter eggs.
It was crazy hot, so I had to let it dry out in the sink for a while before I went on to the next step.
When it was cool enough to handle, I used waste cotton yarn around all the eyelets to make sure all the holes would stay open when felting. I then tried to felt the corset by hand in the sink with extremely hot water and dish soap then ice cold water, but it didn't work.
The corset was still all holey. When felted the knit should turn into fabric and not be as stretchy. I think I will just have to follow the instructions in the book and do it in my washer and dryer, it just freaks me out…


The pretty English Lady herself in her dashing new sweater.

PUPPY SWEATER (oh, and some puppies ^_^)

These little bundles of adorable are for sale if anyone in the Wisconsin area is interested. They're 10 weeks old and my mom's. Her lovely purebred boxer Buffy had them a while back and my mom needs to find good, loving homes for them. She had them all sold but 4 people backed out last minute. I think she has 2 boys and 2 girls left, though I'm not sure. Anyway, they are so freaking cute it makes my fingers twitch. I JUST WANT TO PET THEM TO DEATH! Anyway...
Apollo was not pleased to be my model. You can tell by that permanent scowl on his face. I mean... he kind of always has that scowl, but he's definitely a little more annoyed than usual here. I finished my Lady Victoria sweater last night, and will be compensated generously :}. I shall write up the pattern eventually... maybe. According to the people in my knitting group, I should. We'll see. I didn't take too many notes toward the end but... I might be able to fud…