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Sheep In The City Leftovers

I created a bunch of new color ways for the Sheep In The City Getaway, some sold immediately, some might not have been common enough references for this particular event (Dr. Girlfriend, for instance, might have gone over a few heads, lol) but I have posted all of these new geeky color ways on my etsy page: Also posted a lot of pictures on my Facebook page. If you haven't already liked my Lady Purl Designs Facebook page you should log on and LIKE it :}.

My next vending event will be here in Milwaukee, a sci-fi con called Concinity at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) held or sponsored by the Milwaukee Timelords and Milwaukee Steampunk Society. We'll see if this goes as well, but I have a feeling if I bump up the Doctor Who themes a lot I should be able to at least talk a bunch of nerdy boys into buying yarn for their knitty girlfriends, hehe.

Sheep in the City!

A little more info on the conference: It'll be located at Comfort Suites at 6362 S. 13th St. Oak Creek,WI 53154. Goes from Friday Feb. 22nd to Sunday Feb. 24th. I will be there the whole time selling my yarn (pretty sure in the front lobby where people register and pay to get in). 

EEEEEEEeeeee! This is the first con that Lady Purl Designs will be vending at. A real milestone. I've spend a lot of time preparing for this moment, literally a year of work in preparation. I may not have a lot in comparison to the other vendors with huge booths, but the little I have packs a punch. I was able to get a lot of the great vending accessories like stamped bags, labels, cards, and (my personal favorite) beautiful hand-built yarn trees to display my yarn! I feel like I will at least look professional even if my table is tiny and I don't have 700 skeins of yarn to dis…