Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free pattern after *way* too long an absence!

It's been far too long. I keep thinking, I'll post as soon as I'm knitting something I can publish... then I start designing another project that I want to send out. Rules for publications are generally that you can't pre-publish/self-publish any of your work, not the pattern, not any pictures, and I really didn't even want to post stash shots in case it would get me in trouble, lol. So, I have been knitting, it's just... work related, and therefore confidential until publication. I'm sending one pattern out in April, and should hear back from them shortly after if I get into their Fall Issue. It's exciting but makes for meager post material :D


Something I can give you folks, as a consolation prize, is a FREE PATTERN to my Tassel Ta-Tas. A friend asked me to write this up, and I had a few to make to donate to a raffle, so I noted my process. Hope you enjoy!

Tassel Ta-Tas

Needles: 4 DPNS Size #5.
Yarn: MC= Flesh Colored Yarn, I used Simply Soft (nice and cheap :}) in the color "peach" which worked perfectly. CC= any waste yarn, you'll need at the very most a yard.
Fringe: you can buy fringe by the yarn in any Wal-Mart fabric section, but if you'd like to make your own tassels their are plenty of tutorials out there. You only need about 2 inches of fringe.

-CO 60 stitches in MC (20 sts on each needle), join.
RNDS 1-10) Knit in the round.
11) *K 8, k2tog* rep to end.
12) K all.
13)*K 7, k2tog* rep to end.
14) K all.
15)*K 6, k2tog* rep to end.
16) K all.
17)*K 5, k2tog* rep to end.
18) K all.
19)*K 4, k2tog* rep to end.
20) Cut yarn, Change to CC. K all stitches continuing in CC.
21)*K 3, k2tog* rep to end.
22)*K 2, k2tog* rep to end.
23)*K 1, k2tog* rep to end.
24)*K2tog* rep to end.
-Cut thread with 4" tail and pull through remaining stitches. Pull into inside, knot and weave in end.

-Cut circle of felt using ta-ta for size reference. Pin felt piece to ta-ta with right sides facing (it will be inside out). Sew a straight line along edge leaving a 2" gap. Turn inside out, fill with stuffing, sew gap with mattress stitch.
-Cut 2" of fringe. Roll length of fringe tight and run a needle and thread through the roll several times in different directions. Use the excess thread to sew the tassel to the ta-ta itself.
-Embellishments that would rock include: rhinestones, sequins, and glitter.

And there you have it:

(Alternative Version: Want smaller boobies? Use a smaller needle. For the ones below I used size 3 needles. I also started the pastie portion much too soon, which created big dinner-plate pasties- something I didn't care for on such ittie bitties. I also touched these with some fabric glue then dusted them with glitter. It worked best on cotton yarn [the blue and green], it made a mess with acrylic [the yellow and white].)