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Free pattern after *way* too long an absence!

It's been far too long. I keep thinking, I'll post as soon as I'm knitting something I can publish... then I start designing another project that I want to send out. Rules for publications are generally that you can't pre-publish/self-publish any of your work, not the pattern, not any pictures, and I really didn't even want to post stash shots in case it would get me in trouble, lol. So, I have been knitting, it's just... work related, and therefore confidential until publication. I'm sending one pattern out in April, and should hear back from them shortly after if I get into their Fall Issue. It's exciting but makes for meager post material :D
Something I can give you folks, as a consolation prize, is a FREE PATTERN to my Tassel Ta-Tas. A friend asked me to write this up, and I had a few to make to donate to a raffle, so I noted my process. Hope you enjoy!
Tassel Ta-Tas
Needles: 4 DPNS Size #5. Yarn: MC= Flesh Colored Yarn, I used Simply Soft (nice…