Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Knitty Christmas ^_^

I've waited so long to post this, because I had to wait until AFTER I gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas :P. Here's the video, apologies for the side-waysedness, but watch and enjoy:

It's a Jayne Hat!!!

Also 2 T-Shirts that say "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" and "BIG DAMN HERO." All Firefly references, which if you didn't get 1) go freaking watch all of Firefly gorahm it, and 2) be ashamed of yourself.

And here's a picture of cutie Bruce sleeping during all the festivities. He was not amused with 0ur shenanigans.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I confess that in 2009 I have:

( ) stayed single for the whole year
(x) made out in/on a car
(x) kissed in the snow
(x) celebrated Halloween
(x) kissed in the rain
(x) had your heart broken
( ) broke someone else’s heart
( ) had a stalker
( ) went over the minutes on your cell phone
(x) had a good relationship with someone
(x) someone questioned your sexual orientation
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) had an abortion
(x) have a relationship with someone you’ll never forget
( ) done something you’ve regretted
(/) lost faith in love
( ) kissed under a mistletoe

( ) painted a picture
( ) wrote a poem
(x) ran a mile
( ) shopped at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch
(x) posted a blog
(x) listened to music you couldn’t stand
( ) went to a sleepover
(x) went camping
( ) threw a surprise party
(x) laughed till you cried
( ) laughed till you peed in your pants
( ) visited a foreign country
( ) cut in a line of waiting people
(x) told someone you were busy when you weren’t
( ) partied to celebrate the new year
(x) cooked a disastrous meal
( ) lost something/someone important to you

In 2009 I…
( ) broke a promise
( ) lied
(x) went behind your parents back
(x) cried over a broken heart
(x) disappointed someone close
(x) hid a secret
(x) pretended to be happy
(x) slept under the stars
( ) kept your new years resolution
(x) forgot your new years resolution
( /) met someone who changed your life
( ) met one of your idols
( ) changed your outlook on life
(x) sat home all day doing nothing
(x) pretended to be sick
( ) left the country
( ) almost died
( ) given up something important to you
( ) lost something expensive
(x) learned something new about yourself
( ) tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it
(x) made a change in your life
(x) found out who your true friends were
(x) met great people
( ) stayed up til sunrise
(x) cried over the silliest thing
(x) was never home on weekends
( ) got into a car accident
(x) had friends who were drifting away from you
( ) had someone close to you die
( ) had a high cell phone bill
(x) spent most of your money on food
( ) had a fist fight
(x) went to the beach with your best friend
( ) saw a celebrity
(x) gotten sick
(x) liked more than 5 people at the same time
(x) became closer with a lot of people

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not quite...

It's the first, and I didn't quite make 60,000... in fact I think I only hit half that, but whatevs. 30,000 stitches is still a pretty sizable accomplishment considering I'm graduating in 2 weeks (or so) and I've been busy with finishing all my classes up. Only 6 papers left! At the moment I'm knitting up a Christmas present, so I can't post pix until after they get it.

A friend does want a pair of mittens for his wife and himself though, so I'll be starting those soon. 'Til then!