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I'm past due with posting

Haven't updated in forever and a day.

Here's some pictures. :P


Early Christmas Presents

So I one of my boys, J., decided he's going to ride his bike through the winter.

A Wisconsin winter, yes. :\ Don't ask me why.

He's doing it to prove some macho-ism-hardcorness-factor, I guess. Anyway, in doing so, I realized he's going to need a good warm hat and scarf something serious. So, upon consulting him, and him loving the idea, I set into plan creating him a matching scarf and hat set with a skull theme. This is what I got:
He greatly enjoyed them ^_^.

Angoraphobia: My Fear of Sweaters

As I have mentioned in previous posts: I have a very short knittention span. I can knit things for up to about two weeks before I have to start a new project. Accordingly, big projects like sweaters, long scarves, shirts (anything with sleeves really), blankets, etc. are very hard to keep my concentration on. I try to focus my attention, or knittention rather, usually on a one skein wonder that doesn't take longer than a few days or so.

Somehow, I have been able to dish out a few sweaters in the past. Few, and there are still a few stuck on needles that I desperately wish they were free from because I wanna use them for new projects I ultimately won't finish for a couple years (!). Well.. "sweaters," I don't make sleeves, so... sweater tanks at least.

This first one was very important to me, as it was my first sweater, and it incorporated lace, cables, and genetics! The main cable going down the center panel is a strain of DNA! How rocking geeky is that?!

This secon…

Hats, scarves, and more hats!

I love hats. They're just so easy to knit up, half the time they take less than a weekend. I love that finished feeling too. I start sweaters that never get finished and they're sitting in a corner of my room screaming at me, "I want to be done too, damn you!" And the guilt is killing me inside. So I start up a little hat and finish it the next day and sleep easy, knowing that little fella is going to get worn like twice and then shoved in a corner too because I don't really wear hats :P.

Scarves on the other hand, I cannot go without. I've been known to wear two at a time in this blistery Wisconsin weather. Last winter was absolutely horrible, and I would invariably put on a hat then wrap this big scarf I have around my face, then ears, and then around my neck (Muslim style, yo), then put a hooded jacket on over that. I looked retarded, but so did the cold people walking past me. ^_^ I need more big scarves, but scarves are another project that seem endless t…

Sexy Nintendo Controller Box

Ok, Nintendo isn't really all that sexy... I mean it kind of is, in the right context, like when a really hot girl catches her boyfriend playing video games and he shamefully stammers, "Uh, I just play it time to time, it's just a hobby... don't think I'm a nerd please," and she responds with, "Holy shit man! Is that Duck Hunt!!! Ohmigawd, do you have Mrs. Pac Man? She's the shit!" ... That would be pretty hot. :D Anyway, this was made with the intention of being a purse and that didn't work out, so it turned into a box... just a holding box, and incidentally it turned into a holder for condoms and various items in my room :}. Henceforth it be called the Sexy Nintendo Controller Box.In the beginning it was really floppy and lame. I did not approve. I set it aside for numerous months then after buying some of that hard mesh material and waiting another couple months I put it all together. And I lovies it now!

Hobo Bag & Tank

Thanks to the generous patterns given on Delicious Stitches site:
I was able to make this adorable Hobo bag and this really nice take top that I wear pretty regularly. The patterns were super easy to read and inspired me to make some alterations and write some patterns of my own. ^_^ Gotta love when knit happens.

And here's the tank, which she called "Pretty in Pink Tank Top" but I used Simply Soft's Shadow Yarn instead. I didn't heed the gauge or really listen to the needle size, hehe, but it came out pretty good and was incredibly easy to knit up, I think it took me only a weekend or so. If I made it again and used the same yarn I'd make it smaller as since I've washed it it seems to have gotten baggier... that might also have something to do with the lack of blocking I do :P.