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Dyed up this yarn (whilst drinking a bunch of margaritas ^_^) tonight for a giveaway. It's through The Hat Factory on Facebook. You can visit it here.

Hopefully this will draw lots of yarnistas to my FB page, and motivate me to dye up some new yarn!

I'm calling it Wildflower.

Octo-Cozy Pattern

These little guys are "Dimples" and "Maddy" (Maddy is named after her new mommy, Madison Young, the film maker that I had the honor of meeting this week who said she liked Dimples so much I had to make her one of her own.)

Now these little critters are hollow and can cover anything, though I've been selling them at the store The Tool Shed, where I work, to cover naughty things like vibrators, dildoes, and/or butt-plugs, and make them look adorable and fun. A customer and fellow knitter asked if I would divulge the pattern and since most people that might have a use for one of these babies can't make it all the way to Milwaukee, WI to buy one of mine, I figured I would share the simple pattern with the world so they can have their own Octo-Cozy.

Yarn: Any yarn can be used for this project depending on how large you want the cozy to be. I used sock yarn for both of these examples, one was self-stripping sock yarn so I only used one colorway, and the …

New dyes!

Some new skeins I've dyed up! 
This rosey one is "Saffron." Inspired by the character of Saffron/Yolanda/Bridget/Mrs. Reynolds from "Firefly."
 "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" inspired by "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

"From Clay" inspired by Wonder Woman.

"The Shire" inspired by Lord of the Rings and the new Hobbit movie.

Goodbye to Good Homes, Lovely Yarns!

I've been consistently selling yarn, about a skein a week on average! I hate to see them go, but I love to watch them leave! ...That might not make sense, lol. I got to wind up my "Sunnydale Pride" and it looked so cute as a little ball of yarn.

I also sold 3 Firefly themed yarns "Browncoat's Rebellion," "The Man They Call Jayne," and "Big Damn Heroes," as well as my Doctor Who yarn, "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space," my Venture Bros. themed yarn "The Revenge Society," and my BBC's SHERLOCK yarn called, "221B Baker St." Going to make some yarn inspired my Ramona Flowers today!


So I'm trying to get this business up and running, but of course there are plenty of things to distract me. LIKE GORGEOUS YARN and a sock book willed with delicious patterns. Also, making a plaster cast of my foot so I can model my socks without trying/failing to take pictures of my own feet (it's harder than it sounds!). Here's one of them and a few new skeins I've made and put up on my Etsy.

 "Luv2Knit" by Alice Yu, published in "Soctopus." Yarn: Jitterbug.

"Sunnydale Pride"
"Crest of the Pendragon"
"221B Baker St."
"Emerald City"
"The Man They Called Jayne"
"The Revenge Society"


Happy New Year!

I'm celebrating the new year by getting my yarn making business up and running. That's right, Lady Purl is soon to be a business of it's own. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I got my very first Etsy sale yesterday and I almost peed my pants! My little Firefly skein is going to a good home!

I made these 2 this week to satisfy my geek fetish. My "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space" and "Sherlock." I hope they find good homes soon too :}Every time I make a new skein I immediately want to start knitting with it, hehe, it takes all my will power to just put it away. They look so amazing in person. I need to find some better ways to take better pictures of them.