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In Waiting... Yoga Socks

While excitedly awaiting my knitpicks package to come in the mail, I decided to get into the sock-knitting mood by knitting up these quick babies.

Yoga socks! They're essentially socks without the heel or the toe (so... like the sock pattern for a sock-retard, i.e. myself). Only took me 2 days, and I worked one of them. So easy.

You're heels and the balls of your feet/toe area remain naked so they can grip the yoga mat better, but the rest of your foot stays warm.

Plan to use them while yogaing (can I make that a verb?... whatevs, just did) tomorrow. YAY.



Ok, so I saw these amazing socks on Knitty and fell in love with them. Recently I attended a knitting group in which only I and the girl that invited me weren't knitting socks. I looked on in amazement as these women knitted with size 1 needles and didn't flinch when they said that they've been making "this pair since last Christmas." Even so, I envied them. I wanted to wear socks I had knit myself! I decided I had to get in on this action.

First up on the block was a good pair of needles:
Bought these for $6 at, only to notice that they had yarns as well. Why not look, I thought. Famous last words.

Then came the yarn: Tidepool Heather and Cocoa Brown. YUM. I want to eat these colors.

Together they'll make the bestest Garden Gate socks in the world!

The Anit- Hipster Scarf, in progress

I saw this scarf at Kohls a couple weeks ago and it was $22. I was like "F*?& that S%!t" Amirightladies? After minutes of inspection and studying this thing, I had it down, and it really is quite simple. My motto, "I can make that," came in full force and I decided I wasn't just going to say it, I was going to make it, damn it.

In came Poems Yarn (again) and some black wool.

These are in-progress shots, I'm only about half way done at the moment, and it curls at the sides unmercifully. So I must find some soft fleece or something to line the back with so it stops that nonsense.

I call it the "Anti-Hipster Scarf" because I see little hipster peeps wearing these types of scarves all the time, and I am not a little hipster peep, so this is my version. It will not be worn with ironic old lady glasses, skinny jeans, or on a fixed gear bike.

**Pattern may show up once I get the chance to write it down. It's a lot easier than it looks.

Even more amigurumi! Mr. Squid! ^_^

Mr. Squid! As you can tell from the above picture, he is too cool for school. He loves long walks on the beach, attacking small swimming children, playing in plastic bags, tanning, and clubbing. He has dark blue eyes, weights about 5 oz., and has wavy long tentacles (the better to cuddle you to death with! lol. No really...)

More amigurumi! Mr. Jelly ^_^

Here is Mr. Jelly, for lack of a better name.