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New crafts and a New me

So I've been getting really into cross stitch after discovering this gem of a woman. I love her and her work, and after each time I laughed at a new funny subversive stitch all I could think was, "I NEED TO DO THIS." So I did. That's how I roll.
But FIRST. Here's Apollo, being hot. It's finally getting less Wisconsin-y up in this state, and he's not dealing with it well. He stays either here or in the sink about 80% of the day.

Here's cross stitch pattern #1. It's all off-kilter and weird looking because it's not only the first pattern I've done, but I also designed it myself. Recipe for disaster, anyone? But whatever, I still love it :D.
Here's the second one I stitched up. Much better, but still a work in progress. The last line is up a smidge too much, also I used really light colors. I might outline them in a darker color with a back-stitch, though it's easier to see in person.
And here's the new me! Right out of the shower and…