Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Noro" Scarf-- but really my Poem Scarf

I've been in love with Brooklyn Tweed's Noro Scarf forever CHECKITOUTHERE.

I can't afford Noro yarn, nor do I even like (too scratchy) but I absolutely love the colors. This yarn was the next best thing. It's called Poems Yarn and it's softer, just as purdy, and self-striping. WOOT.

I used 2 skeins of different- but close looking- colorways and striped them every 2 rows with a 1x1 rib.

At one point both yarns kind of became the same shade of pink and blue, so it looks like it stops striping and becomes solid chunks. I really wish that hadn't happened, but if you look closely you can tell what's going on.


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  1. Awesome. I totally want to steal that from you.