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Octo-Cozy Pattern

These little guys are "Dimples" and "Maddy" (Maddy is named after her new mommy, Madison Young, the film maker that I had the honor of meeting this week who said she liked Dimples so much I had to make her one of her own.)

Now these little critters are hollow and can cover anything, though I've been selling them at the store The Tool Shed, where I work, to cover naughty things like vibrators, dildoes, and/or butt-plugs, and make them look adorable and fun. A customer and fellow knitter asked if I would divulge the pattern and since most people that might have a use for one of these babies can't make it all the way to Milwaukee, WI to buy one of mine, I figured I would share the simple pattern with the world so they can have their own Octo-Cozy.

Yarn: Any yarn can be used for this project depending on how large you want the cozy to be. I used sock yarn for both of these examples, one was self-stripping sock yarn so I only used one colorway, and the other was left over sock yarn and some white scrap yarn for the tentacles. Depending on your desired effect you can knit the arms all in one colorway or alternatively cast on with a contrasting color and also bind off with that color to make the underside of the tentacle more realistic.
Needles: I used size 4 UPNS, but if you were using yarn heavier than sock yarn you might want to go up in needle size.

1) Cast-on 30 stitches in contrasting color or self-stripping yarn.
2) Begin knitting with main color (or continue with self-stripping yarn) and knit 25 stitches (sts), wrap and turn (w&t).
3) Purl 25sts.
4) Knit 15 sts, w&t.
5) Purl 15 sts.
6) Knit 5 sts, w&t.
7) Purl 5 sts.
8) Knit 30 sts picking up the wrapped stitches as you go and knitting them together with the stitch they're wrapped around.
9) Purl 30.
10) Bind-off all stitches in contrasting colored yarn (or continue with self-stripping).
11) Cut tail that's twice as long as the tentacle's length. Whip stitch the sides together, pulling it tight so that the tentacle curls as you go. Weave in ends as you go so you don't want to kill yourself later with 24 little ends to do all at once.

Repeat steps 1-11 eight times.

Pick up 5 stitches on the top side of each tentacle, 40 in all, and divide them onto 4 double pointed needles, 10 sts on each needle. Join in the round. Knit in the round until 1 inch less than your desired length.

Decrease as follows:
1) Knit 3 sts, k2tog. Repeat to end of round.
2) Knit.
3) Knit 2 sts, k2tog. Repeat to end of round.
4) Knit.
5) Knit 1 st, k2tog. Repeat to end of round.
6) Knit.
7) K2tog all the way around.
8) Cut 5 inch tail and pull it through the remaining live stitches then inside the cozy and knot it in the inside. Weave in end on the inside.

Add plastic eyes (I got mine from JoAnn's Fabric Store) or sew some on with scrap yarn, maybe even glue on some googly eyes. :D Then enjoy!


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