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Anti-Hipster Scarf - FREE PATTERN

Hooray, my first pattern. I thought because this was my first one, I'd give it to all y'all for free. Yeah, I'm cool like that. Plus... I've never bought a knitting pattern before, so why should I expect anyone else to? Soooo, here it be!

Anti-Hipster Scarf

Gauge: 6 sts = 1", 6 Rows= 1"
Needle Size: 5
Yarn: Main Color (MC)- Poems 100% Wool Yarn in Pink/Purple/Gray/Gold (Poems has a great selection of self striping yarn, so really any of the color-ways would look nice in this pattern)
Contrasting Color (CC)- Cascade 100% Wool in Black

-- Cast on 30 sts.
Row 1, 3, & 5: (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, K6 in CC, (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, K6 in CC, then (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times.

Row 2, 4, & 6: (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, P6 in CC, (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, P6 in CC, then (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times.

Row 7, 9, & 11: K6 in MC, (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, K6 in MC, (K1 MC, K1 CC) 3 times, then K6 in MC.

Row 8, 10, & 12: P6 in MC, (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, P6 in MC, (P1 MC, P1 CC) 3 times, then P6 in MC

Repeat Rows 1-12 until desired length. For me it was was 2 skeins of Poems yarn worth and 1 of the Cascade. With the curling the scarf does on the sides naturally, I would suggest blocking or if you think wool is too itchy for your sensitive neck skin (like me) sewing some black fleece on the back side would be perfect. That's what I plan to do... come scarf weather. :D

Hope you guys like it! If you do make one up I would LOVE to see it. Link it in the comments or on Ravelry.


  1. Looks awesome! I love how you use self striping yarn; I bet Noro would look awesome in this!

  2. This looks great! I have a question though. It looks like you knit it in stockinette stitch (that's why it is curling) but the directions say knit on every row with the color variations. Am I missing something?

  3. Thanks for the pattern! Can't wait to try it.

  4. @jenna yeah Noro would probably look great, just a wee bit out of my price range, hehe.
    And yes, i'll edit that to be correct, but every other row would be purl as itms stockinette. That was just me being too rushed writing the patter :P

  5. Did you submit it to Ravelry? If you don't know how, go under My Notebook and click Contributions.

    It looks awesome, btw.

  6. @Coley It is up on Ravelry as a pattern now. I had to go to their help page to figure it all out, hehe, but I got it up and ready to go. Thanks!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hey I'm just getting back into knitting, and I'd like to give your pattern a try. Can you tell me what method you used to work with the two colors? Mosaic? I'm just getting use to reading patterns! Thanks!

  9. I just used a simple two-colour Fair Isle technique. I know how to knit continental as well as English, so it was easy to hold one color in my left hand and pick the stitch up when I needed to and one color in my right hand and throw that when I needed it.
    Twisting the yarns in the back is nice, makes it prettier if you don't intend on lining it, but I got tired of doing it after about 40 rows :D

  10. Hi,

    I am wondering whether I can do this pattern in double knitting?

    Any suggestions?

  11. I actually wanted to knit this as a double knit when I started but I got about an inch in and realized it was a bit too ambitious to make the pattern up as I go with intarsia, color-work, and double knitting, :D

    But it IS doable! I would love someone to try it. Essentially you would follow the pattern the same but consider each stitch 2 stitches and you wouldn't be purling on the wrong side. So if the pattern says K1MC it would translate to K1MC,P1CC. It's going to be pretty intense with all the color changes, but I know it's possible :}

    Let me know how it goes. I may give it a shot one day ^_^

  12. Ok! I started out and translated K1MC=K1MC,P1MC.

    I am just a few rows in so going to ignore and try your way.

    Thanks. Will post a pic in Rav when done (a long time from now!).

  13. I have got the 6 stitch block of colour in dk correctly but having major problems with the 6 stitch block that has both vertical and horizontal alternating colours! I am able to only alternate vertically but not horizontally!

    Any words of wisdom?

  14. Just a thought, while I follow the chart for the K6MC and K6CC exactly but for the K1MC, K1CC (3ties) I do not alternate to K1CC, K1MC in the next row as this just creates an exact replica of the design??? Maybe that is why I am not getting the horizontal alternate colours....does that even make sense or am I just murdering your pattern????

  15. Oh goodness, that kind of confusion is what I was afraid of... Hmm let me think. So if the pattern is K1MC, K1CC 3 times, I would only imagine that the double knit version would be K1MC, P1CC, K1CC, P1MC 3 times. Does that not work out?

  16. It is K1MC, P1CC, K1CC,P1MC 3 times on row 1 and I am no longer following the pattern for row 2 (K1CC, P1MC, K1MC, P1CC 3 times) instead I am continuing with K1MC, P1CC, K1CC, P1MC 3 times as this will automatically alternate the colours.

    I followed the pattern as is and got a single block of colours instead of vertical and horizontal alternately.

    I really really hope there are no more curve balls. And like you can see I seem to be obsessed with this pattern :D

  17. YES, I totally forgot that in double knitting there would be no "wrong side" they're both right sides and therefore the patterns are done the same on both sides. So yay for experiment knitters finding all the kinks in this pattern! There shouldn't be any other problems because it's just those blocks over and over and over. I'd love to see some pictures!

  18. Sure...Will send you some pics as soon as I knit as far away as possible from the big patch of mistakes :D

  19. I'm double knitting the scarf right now, though the pattern prolly won't show through as prominently because the yarn I'm using doesn't want to stripe and is acting more like a variegated yarn in spots D:

  20. Aww, that's a shame! Is it too late to switch yarns?

  21. Well not really, they're just the only ones E have of these specific colors. My boyfriend's favorite colors, seeing as this is his Christmas present >.<

  22. Just to update, I am regrettably postponing this project until the summer as a Christmas present next year. I forgot how much double knitting slows me down >.< Keeping it in my favs, however, seeing as it is an awesome scarf :D

  23. Instead of double knitting you could double the pattern and knit it in the round. I think it would be considerably easier and faster to knit. Someone on Ravery did it that way and it looked awesome.

  24. I was debating that as well, I just don't have the proper circular needle size; currently I only have US 8 circulars and dpns. While that sounds like a flimsy excuse, I'm too broke to buy them. Thankfully holiday hours are starting up. YAY MONEY!!!!! x.x

  25. I'm sorry but this pattern is writen wrong. Tried it 3x in a row and came out with verticle stripes. Patern should be written as all knit and pulls should be K1 MC K1 cc or P1 mc p1 cc. No matter if you knitting or purling it should be 1MC 1CC. Sorry had to point it out to help.

  26. Thanks for the catch, Anon, it's all fixed. If you were reading the chart it might have helped a bit, but yes, I had that backwards. Why do first patterns always have to end up so full or errors? :P

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. With the absolute greatest of respect, I do think your chart is incorrect. What would be the column for the seventh stitch from the left seems to be missing (the repeat to the right is correct, but the repeat on the left is missing that one stitch). Each row only seems to contain 29 sts.

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern so freely. I'm undecided at this stage if I will do this in double knitting or as written (with or without a backing), but I will definitely make this at some stage.

    (I did make a mistake when I first added this comment so deleted that and have corrected and republished my corrected comment.)


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