Thursday, July 23, 2009



Ok, so I saw these amazing socks on Knitty and fell in love with them. Recently I attended a knitting group in which only I and the girl that invited me weren't knitting socks. I looked on in amazement as these women knitted with size 1 needles and didn't flinch when they said that they've been making "this pair since last Christmas." Even so, I envied them. I wanted to wear socks I had knit myself! I decided I had to get in on this action.

First up on the block was a good pair of needles:
Bought these for $6 at, only to notice that they had yarns as well. Why not look, I thought. Famous last words.

Then came the yarn: Tidepool Heather and Cocoa Brown. YUM. I want to eat these colors.

Together they'll make the bestest Garden Gate socks in the world!

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