Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Anit- Hipster Scarf, in progress

I saw this scarf at Kohls a couple weeks ago and it was $22. I was like "F*?& that S%!t" Amirightladies? After minutes of inspection and studying this thing, I had it down, and it really is quite simple. My motto, "I can make that," came in full force and I decided I wasn't just going to say it, I was going to make it, damn it.

In came Poems Yarn (again) and some black wool.

These are in-progress shots, I'm only about half way done at the moment, and it curls at the sides unmercifully. So I must find some soft fleece or something to line the back with so it stops that nonsense.

I call it the "Anti-Hipster Scarf" because I see little hipster peeps wearing these types of scarves all the time, and I am not a little hipster peep, so this is my version. It will not be worn with ironic old lady glasses, skinny jeans, or on a fixed gear bike.

**Pattern may show up once I get the chance to write it down. It's a lot easier than it looks.

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