Monday, August 31, 2009

What's New and Happening.

I start school in about 30 hours, so I've been a tad bit on the distracted side when it comes to knitting and posting. I have been up to things though. PLUS, I just bought a new camera, so I don't have to wait to use one of my roommate's cameras to post!

The progress of the Garden Gate socks are slow and tedious. I find myself carting it around and doing a row or two at a time, then forgetting about it and starting something new, then coming back to it for another row or two. It's currently my default project if I get bored with another project. At this rate I should be done... maybe Christmas of 2010? Maybe. Here's how "far" I've gotten:

At least there's a heel now, right? (which, I might add, I did wrong because the pattern directions were worded very weird and I had to guess at what she was trying to say. Hence the little holes up the side of the heel. *shrug*)

They are looking rather cute though. I just know, even if I do finish this one... who's to say the curse of the one sock won't take over and I'll never get to the other one? I can feel these things.

In other knit news, I made up a hat pattern (much like pretty much every other cabled hat I've knit) and just finished that project this morning. I'm calling it my Autumn Tweed Hat. I'm thinking I need ear flaps.

Yay or nay to ear flaps, folks?

*Apologies for the clear lack of make-up :P I had just gotten back from the doctor, and come on now, who wears make-up to the doctor?*

And then there's this little guy, who I made for Rachel's birthday gift. His name is apparently Posie, which is a girl's name, so apparently he's a girl.

And there you have it. What I've been up to the past month or so. More to come soon when I make the inevitable ear flaps for my autumn tweed hat and matching fingerless mitts. (!)

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  1. Maybe you should just make ankle socks instead of knee-highs. :P