Sunday, August 9, 2009

A long work in progress...

I got the yarn in for the Garden Gate socks from, which I've previously raved about. Drool over them here.

I started, then of course got distracted by not one, but 3 new projects :P. So I'm back on them now. These pictures are from a while ago, I've gotten a little farther, but still, it's taking QUITE a while.

This is the first toe-up sock I've ever knit. I think it's really awesome, and you get to see the way they look as you go. The cast on wasn't nearly as hard as I've heard it can be, which rocked.

And here's a little actions shot with my little piggies.

I'll be posting on this project, I'm sure, for the next couple posts to keep you guys updated :}.

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