Saturday, October 10, 2009


I don't know how many pictures I can take of this sock before it will annoy the hell out of my readers, but just wanted to show you my progress. They are, of course, taking absolutely forever, but I'm working on them bit by bit. A row here, a section there. I have an allotted time each week at my knitting group to work on it, but I've actually been teaching 3 different people to knit simultaneously every meeting for the past couple months :S. It's awesome that they're learning and all, but I can't get anything done myself. They had better appreciate my sacrifice :P.

(Don't tell my determined former self this, but I may take a break in between these socks to make mittens for myself. It's getting crazy ass cold, and I've got nothing to cover up these talent filled digits! Plus I need something easy and new to stare at. This pattern is crushing my soul.... )

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