Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another pair :} and THANKSGIVING

I made fingerless gloves, and I lovies them. ^_^ They're the "Hooray for me gloves" pattern, but I kind of screwed up on the thumb and only figured it out when I was making the 2nd glove... and by then it was too late and I had to make the 2nd one screwed up too so they would match :P.

See how pretty? :} And below is my layered jello! I made it with tones of red this time, black cherry, cherry, raspberry and peach! It was delicious!

This is our family Thanksgiving (not blood-family, just boyfriends and friends kind of thing).

CHEESE, thanks to Rob and Rachel.

And here's Rachel's (N- not roommate Rachel) cheesecake which astounded us all. She's an amazing cake decorator. And it was yumtastic to boot!

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  1. Cute gloves! Dinner looked great, wonder where your friend learned to work with chocolate? I've always wanted to take a confectioner's class and learn to work with the fancy chocolate made from the fresh ground beans. One of these days...in my next life....