Monday, November 9, 2009

Knitting Olympics

This is a status update, which I plan to do regularly (with or without pix) of my NaNoKnitMo, or more correctly, Knitting Olympics projects. According to the official (though really non-official :P) Knitting Olympics rules, I have to knit 60,000 stitches in one month. That's insano pants, you're probably saying. Well, yes, but doable.

I calculated my total so far and it's approximately 10,000 stitches, and I'm only on day 9, so I think I'm doing pretty well. The mittens were about 4,900 stitches each, give or take some rounding down, and now I'm starting to knit a matching hat because I have a lot of yarn left over from the mitts. I'm only on the headband part now, but it's 162 stitches around (because my needles are so ungodly small [size 2, and dear lord why did I do that to myself?]) I'm about 4 rows up so that's about 640 stitches.

So ...current status, let's say: 10,650 stitches!

(hehe, math is fun ^_^)

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