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On the Needles and in the Works

Contrary to the popular belief that when someone graduates but doesn't have a full-time job they becomes a total bum, I have been doing many things of late. Mostly... knitting.

First on the block, and about 25% done is my pretty dog sweater. I'm calling it my Lady Victoria Sweater because it's made for an English Bulldog, and obviously a lady one at that. Therefore: fancy lady name. According to the owner she hasn't been able to find a suitable sweater for the pub because she happens to be 29" around... which is actually one inch larger than my boyfriend's waist, so yeah, she's a big gal ^_^.

I've designed the pattern myself, so I really hope it fits the little lady. Here's Apollo, my roommate's cat, checking it out. I think he approved, but then he tried to destroy it, so maybe not.

Here he is again, gazing at it lovingly... or hungrily. Not quite certain.

Here's my other project, in the works: Toad Hat. It's for my friend who likens herself to a toad. It still needs eyes yet, and I'm also thinking about ear flaps that look like frog legs, but I have yet to design those. Model: Apollo McLain, grudgingly.

And the next project up on the block is going to be an argyle sweater vest for Boone. I have been assured by fellow knitters that the boyfriend curse does not work for vests. It's the sleeves that really get you, after all. I bought all this beautiful "Country" and "Spa" yarn at Michael's and it feels so nice. If Boone doesn't wear this thing, I certainly will. I'm thinking about doing the Mangyle pattern off Knitty, but I'm not sure.

So pretty.


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