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A Bad Day and A Birthday

I had a pretty rough week. My older sister passed away and it was my birthday. Those weren't a great combination, but I got through it. My sister had a hard life and I know she is at peace now. She had two children 7 and 11, and that was the hardest part for me. Her son is already in his father's custody and her daughter will be placed with my mother. It's a horrible thing for anyone to go though, but I'm trying to stay as strong as I can.

Despite the badness that was Monday, March 1st, my birthday was very pleasant this Wednesday. I went out to eat at my favorite sushi place with all my friends and they really cheered me up.

My friend Mary left a present for me in my room while I was away that included candy, a signed copy of one of my favorite books "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club and also known as my writing-idol), as well as a HUGE pot of curry (my fave) left in my fridge. I was so pleased with her gifts that I gave her my "Blue Moon" shrug that was to small for anyone else. It fit her perfectly, and that made me happy.

So Cute ^_^
And the corset didn't quite "felt" all the way, but it definitely shrunk and got firmer. Any smaller and I wouldn't have been able to wear it, so it stays like it is :P.

Here are the pictures as well as an image of the beautiful flowers my friend Ashe and my roommate Amy got me.


  1. sorry to hear about your sister, I hope thing turn around for you. The corset looks cool and like it would be cold by itself or too hot depending on the weather. Mary looks cute it the shrug, single? anyways I was just thinking that you look a lot like the girl from Thread Bangers. Do you know of the show?

  2. nice corset, make more and be happy

    greeting from Indonesia

  3. I made the corset for a knit photo shoot where the photographer plans to have a kind of a "fetish" shoot but with ever fetish item being knit, kind of a twisted version of the fetish world :P. Mary isn't single, sorry :D I do know the girl from Thread Bangers actually, and thank you, she's very cute. ^__^


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