Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working Hard *AND* Hardly Working

I got a new job in February and I can knit at it. If you're a knitter, you understand that this is pretty epic. Anyway, as such, I have been a knitting fiend lately.

My sister, a biology major, wanted a DNA sweater vest for her birthday. That was Valentines Day :P. I started on this last week. But better late than never. Needless to say, she liked it.

Yep, that's a robot behind her. Because, you know... SCIENCE. We were actually out front of my favorite Milwaukee business The Tool Shed. They host a monthly knitting group called Femiknits that I never miss.

Close up of the DNA cable and the lace back. I'm not usually one for lace, but it knits up super fast with all those holes. I was surprised how quickly I got this out.

Also, I bought THESE at the Tool Shed. Knitty/Crafty socks! When I saw them I was all "Ohmanohmanohman!" And then I bought them. ^__^

My next project is a baby mobile for my friend Heather that's due in October. I've got plenty of time, but I'm too excited about it to wait. It's going to be composed of sea creatures because I don't know if she's having a boy or a girl. Aqua-life aren't gendered :P. I'm doing all of them in size 0 needles so they'll be tiny.

Here's my little sea star. Above is the underside and below is the top.

And here's Nessie the Loch Ness monster. I ran out of yarn so she unfortunately doesn't have horns, but I think her quizzical tilted head says it all. She's all like, "Do I exist? Shuddup, you don't know me."

I'm three tentacles into a cute little baby octopus. More pictures to come. :}

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  1. Ahhh so this is the DNA vest you were talking about! It looks fantastic!.. and the little sea critters... they were definitely "awe"-worthy! Super adorable!