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No, I'm not pregnant, you freak. Though, on a side note totally unrelated to this knit-related post I was taking about baby names with my partner and he said his two choice names would be Shamus for a boy and Eleanore for a girl. So, FYI-- not have babies with him. Like, wtf, right? With his shortness and my chubbiness this kid would already be doomed, but Shamus? Holy christ, that would be like child neglect or something.

But ANYWAY, BABIES! These are the babies I have been working on for months to build an all sea creature baby mobile for my friend. They're all knit on size 0 needles (so tiny!) so they were rather cumbersome to knit, but well worth the effort. I love them all so much that I don't want to give them away, but I know her and her new daughter will love and appreciate them.

Here's Baby Nessie.

Miss Lil' Stary.

Baby Jelly.
And my favorite, Baby of Doom.

And that's what's kept me busy all this time that I have not been posting. Sorry about that, but knitting came first! And because I CAN NOT STOP, cuddlefish* are coming soon!

*Someone did bring it to my attention that the animal is not called a "cuddlefish" (which is what I have been saying all this time) but a "cuttlefish." But MINE is all cuddley, and therefore I will not correct myself, because my name is more correct.


  1. Sweet job! Betcha some one copies your idea and you'll see them selling at the aquarium!

  2. Wonderful. I know how much work those little babies are. I especially like the octopus. I have that book and you are inspiring me to actually use it. Eventually.


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