Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back to the blogsphere!

I've been up to a LOT. Here are a few snapshots of the new things I've been doing.

First up, I've been dying up mini-skeins for "Mood Sock Kits." The basic premise of these kits is that you knit a basic sock pattern and change skeins depending on your mood at the time of knitting. I made them geeky, of course, and I've been putting them up on my Etsy store in themed "editions." I have done Doctor Who, Firefly, and the Avengers so far, and all have been very successful. 

 "Doctor Who Edition"

I've also begun spinning my own yarn! This is super exciting for me because I (of course) need another hobby like I need a hole in the head XD. These 2 skeins were spun using a drop spindle, but I recently acquired an electric spinning wheel as well, and I'm super excited about the results I'm getting with that (it's also about 10 times faster!). Every skein I spin gets better, so I'm sure I'll be a pro in no time :)

 "Shy Violet"


I've also begun dyeing roving. Some of it I plan to put in my Etsy store to sell, and some of it I plan to spin up myself. This was my first ever attempt.

 "Let It Go"

I plan to keep this blog updated more regularly as I get into different things and as my business grows! ^_^

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  1. Glad you are keeping busy and writing again! Love your color themes, wish I was a knitter. My hands aren't capable but I feast on the colors and textures. As my German friend says "Die Augen Essen auch" (the eyes also eat)