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Happy Holiday and New Year!

The new years is next week and that means new products! My most important resolution for the new year, like ever year for the past 4 years, is to grow my business. I realized recently that a great way to do that is to branch out into different areas in my niche market. I have yarn, yes, but what else can I do for my fellow geeky knitters? I have a few ideas but I'd love to hear from you too! Here are a few things I have come up with:

Lotion Bars!
Knitters get dry hands, especially the knitters I know that have to live through these harsh Wisconsin winters. Even when it's a nice 40 degrees out, like it is currently (which is unseasonably warm for this time of year, last year it was -20 degrees out and my car wouldn't start), if folks are like me their hands start to dry out to the point of cracking and bleeding at the knuckles. Just BECAUSE. Some winters it looks like I get in fist fights each night, and that level of dry skin makes knitting almost painful. So I plan to make some awesome moisturizing lotion bars in many different geeky forms (Doctor Who, Firefly, and D&D themed to start) for my dry skinned folks out there. It's geeky and it helps make knitting more comfortable. 

Stitch Markers! (Not My Image)
Not sure if I want to do beaded stitch markers, or make my own with sculpting clay (maybe experiment with both?) but I do want to venture into the stitch marker world by making a few fun sets.

I plan on dedicating myself to designing, writing, editing, and publishing more knitting patterns this year. I have half a dozen half-written patterns, and even more loosely constructed ideas jotted down in the back of date books or as a random note to myself in an email. "Knit hat that looks like a Dalek" one short message to myself from years ago reads, and yet I have not published a single pattern this year. My "Doomsday" fingerless gloves pattern that I designed last year has been doing really well, so I need to keep it up! (The sock above was one I designed, knit up, then set aside because I need to finish editing the pattern and making it digital. I need a real kick in the pants some times!)

This top picture is from a customer that bought my "Doomsday Yarn and Pattern Kit." I would love to couple my hand-dyed yarn with patterns that go with more often. I think it just makes a lot of sense! The bottom picture is of one of my "Mood Sock Yarn Kits" that have been a pretty big hit, especially when folks get to choose the characters that each mini-skein is inspired by (which I did for a Firefly themed kit and it turned out beautifully). 

And lastly, I need to keep making videos for my Lady Purl YouTube account. I just bought a house and it has been a whirlwind up in the Purl residence, so I have felt like I haven't had the time, but I am going to MAKE THE TIME this coming year. I have so much to share and I really want to inspire newcomers to join this lovely craft called knitting (or spinning, or dyeing, or whatever ^__^ ).

So those are my ideas and goals for the New Year. What would you like to see from Lady Purl? Please comment, or comment on my Facebook page:  and tell me what you would like to see from Lady Purl Designs!

Thank you so much for being a part of my wonderful year!


  1. I was wondering if those sock kits at the Wool and Cotton Co were yours. They didn't your brand name on them, but the font looked the same and it sounded like something you'd do.


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