Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sexy Nintendo Controller Box

Ok, Nintendo isn't really all that sexy... I mean it kind of is, in the right context, like when a really hot girl catches her boyfriend playing video games and he shamefully stammers, "Uh, I just play it time to time, it's just a hobby... don't think I'm a nerd please," and she responds with, "Holy shit man! Is that Duck Hunt!!! Ohmigawd, do you have Mrs. Pac Man? She's the shit!" ... That would be pretty hot. :D Anyway, this was made with the intention of being a purse and that didn't work out, so it turned into a box... just a holding box, and incidentally it turned into a holder for condoms and various items in my room :}. Henceforth it be called the Sexy Nintendo Controller Box.In the beginning it was really floppy and lame. I did not approve. I set it aside for numerous months then after buying some of that hard mesh material and waiting another couple months I put it all together. And I lovies it now!

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