Friday, August 29, 2008

Hats, scarves, and more hats!

I love hats. They're just so easy to knit up, half the time they take less than a weekend. I love that finished feeling too. I start sweaters that never get finished and they're sitting in a corner of my room screaming at me, "I want to be done too, damn you!" And the guilt is killing me inside. So I start up a little hat and finish it the next day and sleep easy, knowing that little fella is going to get worn like twice and then shoved in a corner too because I don't really wear hats :P.

Scarves on the other hand, I cannot go without. I've been known to wear two at a time in this blistery Wisconsin weather. Last winter was absolutely horrible, and I would invariably put on a hat then wrap this big scarf I have around my face, then ears, and then around my neck (Muslim style, yo), then put a hooded jacket on over that. I looked retarded, but so did the cold people walking past me. ^_^ I need more big scarves, but scarves are another project that seem endless to me. They're tooooooo long.

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