Friday, August 29, 2008

Angoraphobia: My Fear of Sweaters

As I have mentioned in previous posts: I have a very short knittention span. I can knit things for up to about two weeks before I have to start a new project. Accordingly, big projects like sweaters, long scarves, shirts (anything with sleeves really), blankets, etc. are very hard to keep my concentration on. I try to focus my attention, or knittention rather, usually on a one skein wonder that doesn't take longer than a few days or so.

Somehow, I have been able to dish out a few sweaters in the past. Few, and there are still a few stuck on needles that I desperately wish they were free from because I wanna use them for new projects I ultimately won't finish for a couple years (!). Well.. "sweaters," I don't make sleeves, so... sweater tanks at least.

This first one was very important to me, as it was my first sweater, and it incorporated lace, cables, and genetics! The main cable going down the center panel is a strain of DNA! How rocking geeky is that?!

This second one was inspired by an episode of "The Sarah Silverman Program," in which she was wearing a blue sweater tank over a white blouse and she looked adorable as usual, but I noticed it had cute butterfly shaped holes all over it in a neat lace pattern. Off I went to find a butterfly lace pattern and away I went to creating my own pattern. I like it, and wear it occasionally, but I think I need to rework the straps, I just have them buttoned to the back and they look kind of lame.

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