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I'm not dead, promise.

I know it's been a long time since I posted anything, but it's not as if I haven't been knitting. I've actually been doing quite a bit.

I knit this awesome cardigan from Interweave knits, called Amrosia. I knit it with KnitPicks Comfy Worsted yarn, named "October." So I named it my "Charming October" Cardigan.

There are little clasps in the front, which I kind of like. They were a pain to sew though.

Then there's this little guy who is in the works. It will be a hat that has the British flag on it. And ear-flaps. And a yarn mo-hawk... Yep. It's what my friend asked for, and she said she will wear it with pride at her Brit hubby's side :D so more power to her.

I also went to "Stitches" the knitting/yarn vendor convention. 800+ yarn vendors! It was amazing. I didn't buy much, but I'm sure that is for the best, because I'm poor.

I got this nice sock yarn and spent days searching for the perfect pair of socks to knit with it. It is, as the tag line says, after all, "A Great Yarn for Socks."

Then I decided to knit a hat. :P It doesn't look like much now, but it will be a very cute hat when I'm done. (Action shots for both of these hats are coming soon-- STAY TUNED!)

I also bought these size 0000 needles. Yes, that is 4 zeros. 4 sizes smaller than my size zero needles that were crazy to work with. You might be asking yourself, "Why on Earth, Lady, would you want these, and what on Earth do you plan on making?" Well, adorably itty bitty toys of course. Like holding on to the end of a pen cap small. And curl around your finger adorable. (Again-- coming soon :D)

I also bought this knitting pattern. I almost never buy knitting patterns, but I couldn't resist. I found out this week that I will be joining the Brewcity Bombshells, Milwaukee's burlesque troupe. I auditioned last week, and I thought I did really well and made a good impression. Most people like me when they meet me, after all :} but it's so hard to gauge how well you did a performance when it's only in front of 2 people. A crowd of 50 hollering dudes, I think I would know if I was doing a good job. ^_^ Anyway, I was rather nervous, but apparently I am Bombshell worthy.

I got this pattern in celebration. Going to knit up some stockings... maybe an entirely knit outfit :D Maybe something to unravel... Oh, the ideas!

And here's the last thing on my to-do list at the moment. It's a bunch of lace weight yarn ( took me 2 HOURS to wind that ball of yarn by the way, only to have a girl give me her extra ball winder at my knitting group a week later :\ ) I'm knitting it up so that I can dye it like a sock blank. It's taking forever though. It'll be my "when-I'm-in-between-projects-and-super-bored" project. Then I'll dye it and make something awesome from it... One day.


  1. Lady Purl, you rock! My most awesome cousin in Florida has discovered you too, loves your work. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me as does your "put yourself out there" burlesque self! Wishing you many fine performances, M in AZ


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