Friday, September 3, 2010

A hat a day keeps the...

Social life at bay? ...Yeah, that works. I've actually been very busy the past week, but despite all that I have been knitting one hat a day (or very close to it).

Why, you ask? Because a restaurant in Racine called "The Soup" is owned by an awesome lady that wants her employees to look top-notch in knitted goodness. And she came to meeeeeeeeee. ^_^ She's buying all of these (she wants 40 by opening, which is in a few weeks [yikes]) so I'm going to do what I can. Some of these I've knit a while ago and don't wear myself, so I decided to give them up for hat adoption. She already has a number of them that I had lying about. Here's some of my old ones mixed in with my 5 new ones.

This was one of the first hats I ever knit, but I think it looks like something you wear under one of those helmets of chain mail. :P

Hat #1.
Hat #2: Turn-a-square hat.
Hat #3: Green Lace Slouchy Hat. Made it up as I went and I love it.

Older hat from the yarn I got at Sheep and Wool last year. I like it, but not never wear it.

Another one of my first ever hats, which I believe I gave as a gift to someone and it turned back up in my apt. So it goes :P.
Hat #4: Bobbles! I've never done them before and I added them to this basic cabled hat. They're so weird and neat.
Hat #5: Heart Hat. Tried to do little purl hearts at the bottom, but I don't know if they're noticeable. I think they are more in person.

Hooray for new business ventures!

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